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Lexington Singapore School offers afterschool and weekend math classes in Lexington. Using the research-based and results-oriented mathematical framework from Singapore, it offers a proven approach to actively engage our students in visualization, logic thinking and problem solving. Focusing on both

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We offer School Math Club, an after-school enrichment program based on the Singapore Mathematics Framework. At the heart of the framework is problem solving, where students develop mathematical mastery through its unique approach. Focusing on logic, early algebraic thinking and

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New online membership community for Singapore Math Homeschoolers Hi homeschoolers, we’ve created a new online membership community for teachers and parents interested in Singapore Math. Please join us at to share experiences, strategies, resources and news. Click here to sign

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TIMSS 2019 Results

Singapore Math is a general term to describe the math instruction designed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. In order to prepare for a high quality workforce, the government invested heavily in schools, curriculum research and teacher preparatory. Countries around the world first took notice of the Singapore Math approach when its students topped in international examinations such as the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in the 90s. key strengths of Singapore Math includes Logic Reasoning and Early Algebraic Thinking, Balanced math curriculum, Strong visualization and modeling and Problem Solving and challenging math tasks.

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What our parents say

My daughter has been fortunate to attend classes since she was in kindergarten. Every year she has loved the classes, her teachers and her classmates. I know Mrs Kar offers world-class math education, and she really cares about providing the very best, from selecting outstanding teachers, to crafting a solid well-rounded curriculum, to caring for and nurturing each and every one of the students, to enriching parents with workshops, and many other wonderful things. My son also joined more recently and he really loves math, his teacher and classmates. Our family is very grateful and we always highly recommend it to other families!


My 1st-grader took his first after-school Singapore Math enrichment class at his elementary school this past winter and absolutely loved it! His instructor, Kar Hwee Koh, presented algebraic problems in the context of colorful animal or alien monster characters that both attracted his attention and kept his focus during the 45-minute class. The exercises were hands-on with many visuals and manipulatives that excited my son and honed his problem-solving skills. I loved the low-key and low pressure atmosphere of the class that also managed to incite his curiosity for more challenging problems. Other than his extreme enjoyment of the class, I loved the take-home explanations of classwork and suggestions for extensions at home. Our entire family enjoyed this first Singapore Math experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Anastasia Galanopoulos

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Lexington Singapore School is founded by Singaporean Kar Hwee Koh, with years of experience teaching in premier schools in Singapore. Students are challenged with critical thinking problem-based questions in a fun and collaborative environment.

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