About Us

Lexington Singapore School offers after-school K-12 math enrichment classes using the Singapore math methods. Besides in-person classes in Massachusetts, we also offer online remote classes.


What is Singapore Math

Singapore Math is a general term to describe the math instruction designed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. Recent successes in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2015 and 2019 demonstrate the effectiveness of the teaching methods.

Strong visualization

One huge appeal of Singapore Math is the use of pictorial representations. Students are introduced to concepts in a three-step approach, Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) representation.

Problem Solving

At the heart of the mathematics framework from Singapore is problem solving, where students apply higher-order math skills to logic reasoning and challenging problem solving.

Academic Programs

We offer in-person and remote classes for all grade levels year round.

After School

Math Classes

Students meet once a week in-person at our centers or online via Zoom



Team classes participate in Regional and National Math Competitions


Summer Classes

Fun introduction to Singapore math and prep-classes for Fall

Qualified Teachers

Our Teachers

Our Teachers are recruited based on their teaching experience and caring personalities. Our students and parents consistently mentioned teachers as the main reasons they love our program!

  • Katrina Schmitt


  • Dandan Zhou


  • Elira Elshani


  • Shefali Frampton


  • Janet Keefe


  • Nathalie Gruet


  • Marianne Butterline


  • Noelle Mellouk


Katrina Schmitt


Katrina Schmitt is from Massachusetts and received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Villanova University. After working in software, she decided to pursue her passion to become a teacher and received her master’s degree in Elementary Education from Bridgewater State University. Katrina recently moved back to the area from Louisiana and now teaches first grade for the Haverhill Public Schools. She believes in making math accessible to all students, and helping children figure out the why and the how behind math procedures. Katrina promotes collaboration and problem solving in the classroom and is a strong believer in the idea that children are each other’s best teachers.
In her free time, Katrina enjoys reading, cooking, and exploring nature with her dog, Finn.

Dandan Zhou


Dandan Zhou was inspired by her wonderful and caring teachers who made her want to become an educator herself. She studied mathematics and secondary education at the University of Memphis. After receiving her B.S., she taught at a public school in TN before moving to Chengdu, China where she taught for a few years. She experienced first-hand the differences between mathematical education in China and the United States, and became interested in understanding effective teaching strategies and best practices around the world.

Such interests led her to study Applied Mathematic at Northeastern University for her Master’s degree where she completed an independent project analyzing how cultural differences between Chinese and American students affect their mathematical curriculum.  Dandan is certified with Tennessee Professional Teacher License 7-12 and Massachusetts Initial Teacher License 8-12, and currently teaches in a high school in Natick.

Elira Elshani


Meet Elira, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With a strong foundation in both mathematical theory and cutting-edge computer science, Elira currently thrives in the dynamic world of technology. Beyond her tech career, she also dedicates her time to educating and inspiring the next generation of mathematical minds as a part-time math teacher.

Shefali Frampton


Shefali Frampton is an analytics “player-coach” consultant with more than 15 years of experience in applied analytics and data strategy for startups, marketing agencies, and Fortune 500 to 50. Her love of math and behavior extends to teaching and she has been grateful to begin this journey at Lexington Singapore School. She believes that early learning provides a huge advantage to children no matter the activity. The challenge (or opportunity) for early learners is to make learning fun. Learning how to engage each student and help them express confidence is her passion. Shefali holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and a Master’s in Public Policy from UMass Boston. She has passed the Elementary Math MTEL and plans to complete the requirements for teacher certification.

Janet Keefe


​Janet Keefe has been teaching with LSS since 2018. She holds a Bachelors in Mathematics & Education from Assumption College, now University. She has a diverse background teaching children of all ages from Grades 1 to 12, while specializing in Grade 7.

During her college years, she worked at Nelson Place Elementary School in Worcester, MA as a TA aiding Elementary classes in all settings, including children with ABA, Autism, and Non-Verbal learning challenges. Janet likes to make the classroom a fun experience, even during virtual learning, by engaging students to show their work, working as a team, and on occasion playing Jeopardy!

She currently works in the Hospitality Industry. When she has free time, Janet enjoys skiing and snowboarding during the winter months.  Janet is currently attending Graduate School at one of the best, Babson College, in Wellesley, MA and will graduate with her Babson MBA in Dec. 2023. She has big plans for her future as an Entrepreneur!

Nathalie Gruet


Nathalie Gruet graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Her endless curiosity and enthusiasm for learning are contagious across the classroom. Through its beauty, abstractness, simplicity, and visuality, she enjoys presenting Math as an art form to her students. She enjoys creating a space where students feel comfortable to be creative in their problem solving strategies and ask questions. She deeply believes that Math can be (and is!) fun and most importantly, that with practice any individual can develop a mastery of.

Marianne Butterline


Marianne Butterline earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University. She worked as a software engineer and quality assurance analyst in the computer industry for nearly 20 years. Recognizing the important role technology could play in education, Marianne pursued her Master’s degree in Technology in Education at Lesley University. She is licensed as an Instructional Technology Specialist and teacher of Elementary and Middle School Mathematics, and has taught in Massachusetts public schools for 18 years. Marianne is passionate about building resilience in all learners, but especially in those who struggle, by encouraging the perseverance that leads to confidence and mastery.

Noelle Mellouk


Ms. Noelle holds a BS. and a MS. in education from her home country and is pursuing a second BS. in Mathematics in Massachusetts. She has experience teaching and tutoring middle school, high school and GED mathematics for more than 10 years and is also a math tutor at a state university. Ms. Noelle has been teaching with the Singapore mathematics curriculum and hopes to transfer her passion about mathematics to every student.

Our Centers

We currently have two centers in the greater Boston area.

Lexington, MA

Acton, MA

Lexington MA

19 Muzzey St,
Suite L40,
Lexington, MA 02421.
United States.

Acton MA

271 Great Rd,
Suite 26,
Acton, MA 01720.
United States.