About Us

Lexington Singapore School offers after-school K-12 math enrichment classes using the Singapore math methods. Besides in-person classes in Massachusetts, we also offer online remote classes.


What is Singapore Math

Singapore Math is a general term to describe the math instruction designed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. Recent successes in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2015 and 2019 demonstrate the effectiveness of the teaching methods.

Strong visualization

One huge appeal of Singapore Math is the use of pictorial representations. Students are introduced to concepts in a three-step approach, Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) representation.

Problem Solving

At the heart of the mathematics framework from Singapore is problem solving, where students apply higher-order math skills to logic reasoning and challenging problem solving.

Academic Programs

We offer in-person and remote classes for all grade levels year round.

After School

Math Classes

Students meet once a week in-person at our centers or online via Zoom



Team classes participate in Regional and National Math Competitions


Summer Classes

Fun introduction to Singapore math and prep-classes for Fall

Qualified Teachers

Our Teachers

Our Teachers are recruited based on their teaching experience and caring personalities. Our students and parents consistently mentioned teachers as the main reasons they love our program!

  • Shefali Frampton


  • Sylvia Ogle


  • Wei Li Pek


  • Vernon Roque


  • Jean S C Chong

    Early Education Specialist

  • Ruth Kim

    Teacher/Summer Coordinator

  • Kar Hwee Koh

    Founder & Teaching Principal

  • Nathalie Gruet


Shefali Frampton


Shefali Frampton is an analytics “player-coach” consultant with more than 15 years of experience in applied analytics and data strategy for startups, marketing agencies, and Fortune 500 to 50. Her love of math and behavior extends to teaching and she has been grateful to begin this journey at Lexington Singapore School. She believes that early learning provides a huge advantage to children no matter the activity. The challenge (or opportunity) for early learners is to make learning fun. Learning how to engage each student and help them express confidence is her passion. Shefali holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Chicago and a Master’s in Public Policy from UMass Boston. She has passed the Elementary Math MTEL and plans to complete the requirements for teacher certification.

Sylvia Ogle


Sylvia Ogle, Ed. M., has 8 years of teaching experience in Middle and High School. Sylvia graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the California State University in San Marcos San Marcos ,CA, and is certified in MTEL – Mathematics (09). She is currently working for Haverhill High School as a math teacher. She believes that every child is good at math and should be given the opportunity to do so. Math is not only an academic subject, yet it is the passion for Sylvia. Therefore, she will explore all different types of methods to help her students to exceed the expectation and become independent thinkers.

Wei Li Pek


Wei Li Pek is from Singapore and received her bachelor’s degree from University of Essex (UK) in Electronic Systems Engineering with First Class Honors. Wei Li is a strong believer that early math matters. She believes the mathematics that kids are doing in Grades K-2 lay a strong foundation for the work they are going to do beyond that and sets them on a path towards numeracy skills and confidence in later life. In her spare time, Wei Li enjoys crafting, skiing and spending time with her family.

Vernon Roque


Vernon Roque is from Los Angeles, California and received his Bachelor’s Degree of Science from the University of Southern California in Electrical Engineering. After finishing university, Vernon began his engineering career working for T-Mobile and continued his career with Panasonics Avionics Corporation.

After 4 years as an Engineer, Vernon decided to pursue a lifelong dream of his and traveled throughout South America where he would live in Colombia and teach English as a foreign language. Vernon has been teaching for 5 years. With his profound knowledge in mathematics and experience teaching children of varying ages, Vernon is able to blend effective teaching with a fun environment in order to create a class that is conducive to learning. Vernon believes that class is more enjoyable when class is well organized and interactive. For this reason, he finds Lexington Singapore School a perfect fit for him. He agrees with the school’s methods and philosophy.

Fun facts: Vernon enjoys playing jazz, bossa nova, and some classical music. He also can speak Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese 🙂

Jean S C Chong

Early Education Specialist

Jean S C Chong was born and educated in Singapore. She has 2 Associate Degrees, one in Business Studies and the other in Culinary Arts and Science. In addition, she also holds a certified degree in Montessori Early Childhood and Development issued by the American Montessori Society. She has been a teacher for preschool/kindergarten in the past 19 years and a Montessori teacher in the last 11 years of the 19 years. She is currently a Curriculum Director at Rockland Montessori Academy.

Ruth Kim

Teacher/Summer Coordinator

Ruth Kim is from NYC and has been raising her 3 children in the Boston suburbs. As a parent and educator in the public schools, she is constantly studying ways to effectively influence a child’s development through positive challenges and high standards. She believes that hard work and effort, set within a foundation of trust and self-respect are essential components of learning. Ms. Kim was introduced to Singapore Math 10 years ago, during a time of research into various Mathematics programs. She particularly appreciated how Singapore Math validates and builds on the instinctive connection students make with Math concepts. Over the years, Ms. Kim has used Singapore Math skills when teaching her own children and with students who present with various learning profiles. Ms. Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in English language & Literature from Gordon College and a Master of Education in Moderate Disabilities from Lesley University.

Kar Hwee Koh

Founder & Teaching Principal

Kar Hwee Koh, Ed. M., has been teaching Singapore Math® in schools in Singapore before relocating to Lexington, MA. She started Lexington Singapore School through encouragement from her family, friends and neighbors. She believes in setting high expectations for her students and nurturing creative and confident math problem solvers. Apart from running the after school program, Kar Hwee also conducts teacher workshops and is a frequent presenter at National Math Conferences.

Recent Presentations at Workshops and National Conferences
  • Certified Teacher in both Massachusetts State and the Republic of Singapore
  • Advanced Master of Education (Ed.M), Columbia University Teachers College, GPA 4.0
  • Master of Education, University of Western Australia, Higher Distinction
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education Singapore, Distinction
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Honors

Nathalie Gruet


Nathalie Gruet graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Her endless curiosity and enthusiasm for learning are contagious across the classroom. Through its beauty, abstractness, simplicity, and visuality, she enjoys presenting Math as an art form to her students. She enjoys creating a space where students feel comfortable to be creative in their problem solving strategies and ask questions. She deeply believes that Math can be (and is!) fun and most importantly, that with practice any individual can develop a mastery of.

Our Centers

We currently have two centers in the greater Boston area.

Lexington, MA

Acton, MA

Lexington MA

19 Muzzey St,
Suite L40,
Lexington, MA 02421.
United States.

Acton MA

271 Great Rd,
Suite 26,
Acton, MA 01720.
United States.