After School Singapore Math Classes

Small Group Classes based on the Singapore math curriculum

Balanced and Rigorous Curriculum

Why Singapore Math

We adopt a balanced math curriculum based on the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Singapore math pedagogy. Using strong visualization and modeling, we emphasize Logic Reasoning, Early Algebraic Thinking, and Problem Solving. Our goal is to establish a strong mathematical foundation in our students so that they would enjoy challenging math tasks.


Abstract concept is first introduced using physical, interactive concrete objects, e.g. counting objects


Students use visual representations of concrete objects to model problems, making them easier to comprehend


Students understand concepts at a symbolic level, e.g. using symbols for mathematical operations and algebra

Congratulations to our students on their fine achievement in the CML 2020-2021

Our Grade 4, 5, 6 and 9 teams are Regional Winners in the CML 2020-2021 competition season! Massachusetts is in Region 1, which is our New England region. It includes: CT, MA, ME, NH, VT, RI.

Why Parents and Students Like Our Program

Conceptual Understanding

It is not just about learning algorithms and procedures but understanding why they work.

Problem Solving

Being able to use the toolsets to solve novel multi-step problems you have not seen before.

Small Group Sizes

Group sizes are small to ensure individual attention and class participation.

Qualified Teachers

Caring and experienced teachers that encourage class discussion and support learning.

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Lesson Structure

Each week’s lesson consists of two parts:

Foundational Math

Focus on conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. Topics are taught linearly and circled back the next year, promoting deeper understanding.

Problem Solving

Students are exposed to unfamiliar problems every week, requiring them to deeply comprehend the problems and organize to problem-solve.

For my son, the additional reinforcement of math principles that Singapore Math is so important for his memory, processing ability, and math confidence. Ms. Jean is a terrific teachers who my son both respects and genuinely enjoys learning from. I wish she was in his classroom every day!

– Parent of 2nd Grader

We like the small class size, and teachers providing feedback about my child when necessary especially when I can also help, CML problems and meets, the active involvement of the owner Kar Hwee, which has maintained and improved the quality of instruction over the years!

– Parent of 4th and 7th Graders

Love the practical application of math in the problems presented. It’s not just about learning how to compute a calculation, but how to think through what the word problem is asking and how to apply math (and which tools) to the solution.

– Parent of 6th Grader

Our Journey

Our program started in 2015 in our dining room. Over the years, we have build a strong team of teachers and have helped many students build strong mathematical foundation and learn to enjoy math.


In-Person and Remote Classes


Experienced Math Teachers


Happy Learning Students

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Our Teachers

  • Kevin Yan


  • Dandan Zhou


  • Neil Claffey


  • Kate Ray


  • Cameron Chandler


  • Vernon Roque


  • Elsa Aviza-Oberg


  • Jim Brennan


Kevin Yan


Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UMASS Boston and is currently pursuing his Master of Education in Middle/Secondary Education at UMASS Boston. After receiving his B.S., he served with AmeriCorps in urban education services, prompting him to pursue a career in mathematics education as he personally witnessed a shortage of qualified teachers. From then on, Kevin taught and developed curriculum for various education programs and institutes within Boston, Greater Boston, and the South Shore. As a pedagogical preference, Kevin emphasizes visual learning techniques, responsive classroom approaches, and game-based learning to ensure that students are learning effectively. In his free time, Kevin enjoys comics, manga, and video games, and is a passionate UFC fan.

Dandan Zhou


Dandan Zhou was inspired by her wonderful and caring teachers who made her want to become an educator herself. She studied mathematics and secondary education at the University of Memphis. After receiving her B.S., she taught at a public school in TN before moving to Chengdu, China where she taught for a few years. She experienced first-hand the differences between mathematical education in China and the United States, and became interested in understanding effective teaching strategies and best practices around the world.

Such interests led her to study Applied Mathematic at Northeastern University for her Master’s degree where she completed an independent project analyzing how cultural differences between Chinese and American students affect their mathematical curriculum.  Dandan is certified with Tennessee Professional Teacher License 7-12 and Massachusetts Initial Teacher License 8-12, and currently teaches in a high school in Natick.

Neil Claffey


Neil Claffey retired in June 2021 after teaching social studies at Nashua High School and Nashua High School South for 32 years, having served as department chair for three years. He taught AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics for 19 years, which gave him an opportunity to hone his math skills. In his AP classes, Neil’s students were taught how to use graphs and other pictorial tools to understand and apply abstract core concepts – experiences that inform his work with the Singapore CPA methodology.

Neil also taught Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at Nashua Community College for several years.

Neil has a M.Ed. from Harvard University and a B.A. in Economics from UNC-Chapel Hill, where he had the pleasure of watching fellow freshman Michael Jordan help win an NCAA Basketball national championship for the Tar Heels.

Neil was elected to the Nashua Board of Education in November 2021. He and his wife have two sons, one of whom is a high school math teacher. He enjoys the outdoors, crossword puzzles, and Kenken.

Kate Ray


Kate recently spent two years working as a preschool teacher in a trilingual school in Prague, Czech Republic. While she lived in Prague, she earned her Teacher of English as a Foreign Language Certificate and spent much of her time outside of the classroom teaching English to children and adults in individual and small group settings. Kate holds a bachelor’s degree in child psychology and is currently a Research Coordinator at the Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab at the University of Chicago. Kate hopes to pursue a graduate degree to study the many ways different facets of culture and educational styles impact learning.

Kate strives to build a welcoming classroom environment in which each student feels comfortable and excited about learning. She is a strong believer that building great relationships with students and their families is at the cornerstone of learning.

Cameron Chandler


Cameron graduated Summa Cum Laude from Amherst College with honors in both mathematics and music, and has a Master of Music degree in jazz composition from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Cameron has been teaching and tutoring students of all ages in math, music theory, music performance, chess, and board games for over ten years. Apart from teaching, Cameron is an actively gigging musician, trumpeter, and composer.

Vernon Roque


Vernon Roque is from Los Angeles, California and received his Bachelor’s Degree of Science from the University of Southern California in Electrical Engineering. After finishing university, Vernon began his engineering career working for T-Mobile and continued his career with Panasonics Avionics Corporation.

After 4 years as an Engineer, Vernon decided to pursue a lifelong dream of his and traveled throughout South America where he would live in Colombia and teach English as a foreign language. Vernon has been teaching for 5 years. With his profound knowledge in mathematics and experience teaching children of varying ages, Vernon is able to blend effective teaching with a fun environment in order to create a class that is conducive to learning. Vernon believes that class is more enjoyable when class is well organized and interactive. For this reason, he finds Lexington Singapore School a perfect fit for him. He agrees with the school’s methods and philosophy.

Fun facts: Vernon enjoys playing jazz, bossa nova, and some classical music. He also can speak Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese 🙂

Elsa Aviza-Oberg


Elsa Aviza-Oberg has taught exclusively elementary mathematics for the past 10 years. She has led professional development for teachers in Waltham Public Schools and coached teachers in math content. She facilitates a coding and mathematics program developed at the Education Development Corporation through a partnership with the Waltham Public Schools.

A Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate from George Washington University, Elsa earned a Masters’ Degree from Northeastern University. She is a strong believer in the importance of early math education for children, especially deep conceptual understanding that helps children succeed in algebra and higher level mathematics.

Jim Brennan


Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College park and a Master of Science from American University, Washington D.C. After more than fifteen years as a computer programmer and Systems Manager, Jim began teaching mathematics and computer technologies and has worked in both public and private school settings. His additional graduate work in teaching mathematics and his training with Common Core Mathematics earned him the credentials to be selected as the author of The Everything Parent’s Guide to Common Core Math Grades 6-8 (available on Amazon). Jim continues to develop mathematics and computer education resources for teachers, parents, and students.

Our Center

We are located right in Lexington Town Center, behind the Cary Memorial Library. Street and meter parking is available around the area and in the Town Municipal Parking Lot across the street.


19 Muzzey Street, Suite L40, Lexington MA 02421


Tel: 781-479-2331

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