Covid update Jan 2022

With the rising covid omicron cases, we would like to switch our in-person classes to remote for the first two weeks of Jan 2022, from Jan 4 to Jan 15. The classes will return to in-person in the third week if all goes well with the covid situation.

This decision is made with the following considerations:

  1. Many of our teachers are also full time teachers in public and private schools. If one of our teachers is in close contact with a positive case, the teacher needs to quarantine and the class needs to go remote.
  2. For the past few weeks, a number of our in-person students had to go remote as they were in close contact or were covid positive. There is a possibility of more cases after the holidays.
  3. As an after-school program, we have students from different neighborhoods and would like to minimize interaction across communities for the first 2 weeks after the holidays.

We will be sending more details and the zoom links soon, but the days and times of the classes will remain the same. Please use this time to make after-school arrangements if necessary and prepare the students with devices and reliable WIFI connection.

Safety for our teachers and students is our priority, thank you for your kind understanding and patience. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, or need support in device and WIFI access.

Stay safe,
Kar Hwee

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