This is the first year that we are sending a math team to the CML math competition, and they did a fabulous job!

Team Score
We have a cumulative team score of 156 out of 180 for the 5 meets. The highest team score in Massachusetts is 167.

Individual Score
Our students also did very well individually.
1) We have 1 Regional Winner, with a score of 27 out of 30. Regional Winner refers the highest scoring individual from the State. The highest scoring individuals in Massachusetts have a score of 27 and one of them is from our team!
2) We also have 2 runner ups, with 26 out of 30 each. :))

This is very exciting as this is our first year participating in the CML contest and we have such a small team. We have lots to learn from this experience! The students worked really hard, and are very supportive of their teammates throughout the whole process. Well done!

Fabulous results from our 2017-18 Grade 5 CML Math team!

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