Free Singapore Math Parent Workshop, March 18th 2018

Please join us for a Singapore Math Parent Workshop as we talk about the whys and hows of Singapore Math, Bar Modeling, Early Algebraic Thinking, Visualization techniques and more! Only for parents. Free Admission.

We had 3 full sessions in October and many parents told us that it has been very helpful in supporting the students at home. Please join us if you can make it!

Some problem solving questions that we will talk about, and how we can these exciting and accessible for our young learners!

1. A dog, a cat and a monkey together weigh 12 pounds. A cat and 2 monkeys weigh 10 pounds. A dog and 3 monkeys together weigh 2 pounds more than a cat, a dog and one monkey. How much does a cat weigh? (1st Grade)

2. Farmer Ken has some goats, pigs and chickens in a farm. There are twice as many chickens as there are pigs. He finds out that among the animals, there are 24 heads and 72 legs. How many goats are there? (2nd Grade)

3. Amanda is 13 years old. In 2 years, she will be 5 times as old as her sister will be then. How many years from now will she be twice as old as her sister will then? (Grade 3 and 4)

4. A full crate of apples weigh 230 pounds. After 4/5 of the apples were sold, the remaining apples and crate weigh 90 pounds. The weight of the crate when empty is _____ pounds. (Grade 4 and 5)


Venue: Lexington Singapore School

Date and time: Sunday March 18th 2018, 12pm – 1pm

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