Lexington Singapore School updates, June 2019

Hi all,

Today is the last day of our Spring semester!
A big thank you to our teachers for working so hard and caring for our students!

A few updates:
1) We will be moving to 19 Muzzey St, Lexington, in Fall 2019!

2) Our students have done very well in the CML math contest 2019. Here are the results.
Grade 3, ranked 6 out of 19 teams in MA
Grade 4, ranked 2 out of 13 teams in MA
Grade 5, ranked 3 out of 11 teams in MA
Grade 6, ranked 2 out of 11 teams in MA

Congratulations to all teams!

3) Here are some photos we took! We work hard, and we have fun as well!
Have a great summer and we will see in you the Fall.

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