One year after COVID shutdown, March 12th, 2021

Some flashback to March, 2020

Teachers supporting each other during our first zoom classes!
After shutdown: Impromptu setup when the stylus pen does not work suddenly!
Teaching to an empty classroom.
Teachers meeting (we did not even know we need face masks then!)
Our Saturday teachers, second day after shutdown (some teachers are not here as they are teaching).
Supporting teachers online.

4 thoughts on “One year after COVID shutdown, March 12th, 2021”

  1. Great photos and thank you to the incredible Singapore School teachers for supporting our students during a challenging time — it has been a wonderful experience for my three girls!

  2. Just getting around to processing “non-life-and-death” email in the inbox. This photo summary you posted (long ago) and this team of teachers are both fantastic. Thank you all SO much for your heroic efforts over this strangest of years!!

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