Online classes

It has been a month since we transitioned to online learning on 3/13 Friday, the very next day after the Lexington Public School District announced school closure on 3/12 Thursday evening. While we had plan for online learning, it still caught us by surprise, and our teachers had to rethink our pedagogy quickly!

Most of our teachers had zero experience with online teaching and there was so much to learn. It can be stressful, especially in these uncertain times, and yet our teachers embrace this change so positively. Thank you teachers!

Ms Indira and I co-teaching two Grade 8 classes on the very first day, Friday 3/13.
Ms Lavanya supporting Ms Jean during her first online class, Saturday 3/14.
Ms Sharon teaching in her classroom.
Ms Indira’s Grade 1 class.
Ms Janet’s Grade 6 class, Saturday 3/14.
Mr Kevin’s Grade 3 class, Saturday 3/14.
Ms Rowena getting creative when the stylus pen runs out of battery! Grade 5, Saturday 3/14.
Getting a quick photo with some of our Saturday teachers! 3/14.
Ms Indira’s Grade 1 class, tic-tac-toe.
Ms Shefali’s Grade 2 class, Elapsed Time.
Students explain their thinking on their submitted work, Ms Lavanya Grade 4 Saturday,
Who says you cannot give stickers when you are online? Ms Weili Grade 1
Practicing safe social distancing during online lesson PD, Tuesday 3/17.

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