Online Math Small Group Class Teaching Positions

In response to the COVID-19 crisis school shutdown, we have moved all our after-school Singapore Math classes online. Response from teachers, students, parents have been great and classes have been continuing with minimal impact on learning. We are now looking for more experienced math teachers to join us as online group tutors.

How our online classes work

Our small class size (max 8 students) makes online learning effective. Weekly lessons are conducted via Zoom or other comparable platform. Teachers and students login from home once a week and use virtual whiteboards for illustration. Homework assignments are scanned by parents into pdf and submitted online to teachers, who will marked using online pdf editor and returned to students before the next lesson.

What you will need

You will need your own computer with camera, audio speaker and mic, and a means of writing on the virtual whiteboard, e.g. a touchscreen stylus or a wacom writing pad (or equivalent). You will also need to have reliable internet access. We will do a remote tech setup and training before the first lesson. Class materials and lesson plans will be provided beforehand and our more experienced teachers will be online together with you to assist during the initial period.

Who’s hiring?

Lexington Singapore School runs Singapore Math enrichment classes in Lexington MA for pre-School to High School. Students are challenged with critical thinking problem-based questions in a fun and collaborative environment.

What you can expect

Expect a fulfilling teaching opportunity in a nurturing and welcoming environment. Our classes are kept small (max 8 students) so that learning can be optimized. Our unique curriculum adapts the standard Singapore math materials to the local requirements. Training will be provided and teachers are supported by experienced math teacher and trainer from Singapore.


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