Regional Team Winners + Student Interviews, CML 2020-2021 competition

Congratulations to our teams and students on their fine achievement in the CML 2020-2021 competition season!

Team Division
Our Grade 4, 5, 6 and 9 teams are Regional Winners in the CML 2020-2021 competition season! Massachusetts is in Region 1, which is our New England region. It includes: CT, MA, ME, NH, VT, RI.

Individual Division
A) We have 4 national student champions. One from Grade 4 and two from Grade 6, who have scored perfect 6 out of 6, for all the 5 contests this season! Our national champion from Grade 9 scored 28 out of 30 points!

B) We have 3 regional student champions. One from Grade 3, one from Grade 5 and one from Grade 7. Their scores are the highest in Region 1.

We asked our National and Regional Winners to share their strategies and this is what they said. Please share with your child, hearing from their peers often sounds better than hearing from us!

“I like to sit in a quiet place. Read each question carefully twice before you start to do the math. Using scrap paper to work on the problem – that helps you understand your thinking. If you have extra time, recheck your answers. If you still have time, check them again. Make sure you are answering the correct question. Doing the math is usually not the hardest part – it’s figuring out what the question is.”

  • Grade 4 National Winner

“One strategy that I use when doing CML tests is to read the problem carefully. Another strategy that is very important is to check your work, and by that, I don’t mean doing the problem again and seeing if your answers match. One way to do this is to use the opposite operation to check your work, such as using subtraction to check addition, or division to check multiplication.”

  • Grade 6 National Winner

“I skip the questions I don’t understand and the ones I know how but will take a long time to do, and then come back to it.”

  • Grade 7 Regional Winner

“It sounds corny and is what every teacher says, but give all problems a try. It’s such an important thing to do especially if a problem is on a topic that you just barely remember from a while ago, because the strategies to solve it come back to you while you’re attempting the problem.”

  • Grade 9 National Winner

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