Singapore Math Parent-and-child workshop

Many parents, because of their previous experience, shun away from math, and avoid “mathy” activities with their kids. Enjoying math games, activities and puzzles with parents is one of the best ways to promote positive attitudes toward math at an early age. Research shows that to get your child to be an avid reader – start reading yourself! :)) It is with this mission that we started our first Singapore Math Parent-and-child workshop, in collaboration with Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge Community Center and Cambridge Winter’s Farmers Market.

Thank you all for your support. The two sessions were fully booked, and we had to turn away some participants due to classroom constraints. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to be back next year with more!

The Singapore Math Parent-and-child workshop is a 45-minute hands-on session, where kids dabble with fraction fun, paper folding and cutting, explorations and deductions. It was a low-key yet meaningful session, where parents and children share some quiet moments, bonding over math activities and having a good time.



It taught him fractions with a different perspective, and challenged him a in fun way!

– Parent Noelle Monaghan


Some parents have requested for extended questions that they can try at home with their kids. Here are two to start with:

Fractions Extended Question
Fractions Extended Question

The second question is modified from one of my favorite math parenting book, “What’s math got to do with it? – How parents and teachers can help children learn to LOVE their least favorite subject”, by Professor Jo Boaler. Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education and an active advocate for learning with deep conceptual understanding. If you are interested in the solutions, we will be posting them soon!

Lastly, we would also like to extend our special thanks to Kim Motylewski, from the Cambridge Winter’s Market and Sung Kim, from the Cambridge Science Festival for making our workshop possible. A big Thank you to you!

Here are some pictures from the Singapore Math Parent-and-child workshop.







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