Singapore Math Parent Workshop August 2015

What a great sharing and learning session! Thank you for coming to our Singapore Math Parent Workshop August 2015, sessions 1 and 2. It is heartwarming to see so many parents at our workshops for the past 2 days, we hope we have answered your questions and you have found the workshop helpful!

There are two more Singapore Math Parent Workshops in September. We are pleased to collaborate with Cambridge Community Center, who will be sponsoring the session in Cambridge on Sep 24th, 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Cambridge Public Schools have recently adopted Singapore Math in Focus in Fall 2014, and we joining hands with Cambridge Community Center to support parents with the brand new curriculum from Singapore! A light snack is provided at the end of the session. Please join us!

Session 3
Date: September 24th 2015, Thursday, 6.30am to 7.30pm
Venue: Cambridge Community Center (5 Callender St, Cambridge, MA 02139)
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Session 4
Date: September 21st 2015, Monday, 7pm to 8pm (for current parents)
Venue: Lexington Singapore School (807 Massachusetts Ave Lexington, MA 02420)
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Specifically, you will learn about:

  • how Singapore Math is often viewed by educators as a balanced curriculum (between traditional and “reform” math);
  • Singapore math strategies that you can use to help your child’s homework at home;
  • Singapore math strategies that your child will be learning in our afterschool program;
  • examples of logic reasoning questions, non-routine problems and bar modeling techniques that we use in our lessons.

The Singapore Math Parent Workshop covered all aspects I wanted to learn in a short amount of time! – Alfonso U.

Brain exercise for parents! – Jade Han.


About the presenter

Offering afterschool and weekend math classes in Lexington, Grades 1- 8, Lexington Singapore School is founded by Singaporean Kar Hwee Koh (Ed. M.), who has extensive experience teaching Singapore Math in premier schools in Singapore. She also conducts teacher training workshops in the United States, most recently for new teachers at Columbia University Teachers College, and is well versed in areas of problem solving heuristics, early algebraic thinking and lesson study.

* Photographs and videos taken during the workshop could be used for marketing.

Singapore Math Parent Workshop Aug1


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