Singapore Math Parent Workshop Fall 2019

For students who are new to Singapore Math, CML-type questions are complex word problems that are non-routine and random. They are designed to sharpen critical thinking. Students are expected to apply math reasoning and to learn how to clearly explain their problem solving processes. 

In Singapore, CML-type questions are part of the nation’s math program, where students from all levels are given opportunities to problem solve every lesson. This opportunity nurtures a child’s reasoning skills, and have attributed to a high percent of students scoring in the advanced category in international surveys such as Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

In Lexington Singapore School, CML-type problem solving is part of our weekly lessons. To support homework help for these critical thinking problems, parent workshops are scheduled for the following dates. Over the years, parents have told us that these have been very helpful. We will be sharing the strategies we adopt in our Singapore Math program, and also sharing information on CML contests.

Registration is required. NEW parents are encouraged to join us!
To register,

A) Understanding Singapore Math and Bar Modeling  (Oct 6, 2019 Sunday, 10.40am to 11.40am)
B) Navigating the math team (Oct 6, 2019 Sunday, 11.40am to 12.40pm)
C) Understanding Singapore Math and Bar Modeling  (Oct 4, 2019 Friday, 7.10pm to 8.10pm)
D) Navigating the math team  (Oct 11, 2019 Friday, 7.10pm to 8.10pm)

Please invite your friends who might be interested to find out more as well! Much appreciated.

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