Singapore Math Parent Workshop March 2019

There has been many research done on the importance of VISUALIZATION in math learning. In the video above by Prof Jo Boaler, Stanford University, she talks about how VISUALIZATION impacts Brain-crossing, and how it is super important for math learning!

One of the main focus of Singapore Math is VISUALIZATION, the ability to break down a complex problem into drawings, eg bar modeling. This March, we are holding a series of PARENT workshops to explain how Visualization is done in our program, for our students to access complex problem solving. Please join us!

A)      Understanding Singapore Math and Bar Modeling
This workshop is for parents who would like to gain a better understanding of the Singapore Math philosophy and how to support their students in homework. Focus of the workshop is on Bar Modeling, and how this specific Singapore Math VISUALIZATION heuristic can be used to support math competition questions, especially for young learner tackling algebraic complex word problems in young elementary grades.

B)      Navigating the math team
Last year was the first time we introduced math team to our program. The 5th graders last year was our pioneer batch. The response has been positive, and this year, we have extending the program to Grades 2 to 6. Students in our math team enter a math competition once a month, from Nov to Mar for grades 4 to 6, and from Jan to Mar, for grade 3.

In this workshop, we will answer questions that parents have with regards to the math team program. We will also try out sample competition problems, and talk about solving these problems from a young learner’s point of view – one that makes sense to them even though it might not be the most efficient (or procedural) that our student’s parents would think of! We will introduce VISUALIZATION and how these can be helpful.

This session will talk about the CML experience for this 2019 year, and parents who are interesting in enrolling their kids in the math team next year might find this useful.

A) Understanding Singapore Math and Bar Modeling (March 3rd 2019 Sunday, 10.40am to 11.40am)

B) Navigating the math team (March 3rd 2019 Sunday, 11.40am to 12.40pm)

C) Understanding Singapore Math and Bar Modeling (March 4th 2019 Monday, 6.40pm to 7.40pm)

D) Navigating the math team (March 7th 2019 Thursday, 6.40pm to 7.40pm)

Address: Lexington Singapore School (807, Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420)

These workshop started because of parents’ questions over the years, on how we make complex problem solving accessible to your young learners using Singapore Math heuristics. Last year, we had 3 full sessions, and many parents have found it very helpful. It is also a good chance to talk to other parents in the same program; many parents found it comforting that they are not unique in facing challenges in the program!

This workshop is free and open to the public.
REGISTRATION is required.

Please note that this workshop is more applicable to grades 6 and under, thank you.

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